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I am an avid agility participant with my sheltie Maggie. My blogs are a snapshot in time that capture my feelings, ideas about training and competing in the fun sport of dog agility.


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Closing out 2019 - Maggie came 4th at the Ontario Championships and 6th at the Canadian Championships. It was a hard year trying to keep Maggie sound enough to run. Between falling out of the back of the truck jumping in and twisting her back and neck, to being attacked in the agility ring by a Syberian Husky, Maggie had a challenging year. 

I gave her the rest of the summer off and we will come back in the New Year with hopes of qualifying for Nationals one more time. 


On December 27th I flew to Chicago to pick up our latest family member, Kate. A beautiful white factored tri sheltie, Kate, or Beckon Me Now Kateland, is absolutely adorable. Incredibly intelligent and extremely athletic, fast and furious is a good way of describing this 16 week old bundle of energy. 

Kate starts puppy obedience on January 16th and will spend the next year working in obedience. We will gradually introduce her to agility equipment over the next 18 months. 

So thrilled to have her join our family!