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Stay tuned in to see what's happening with trials, lessons and my fur kids

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Kate's News

Kate moves up to Advanced Jumpers at Big Sky Agility Trial on August 28th.  Kate had a fabulous Starters Jumper run where she ran clean, taking 1st place with a time of just over 26 seconds, and earning a Q.


Katie placed 7th at the 2021 Ontario Regional Championships! At 23 months old she was the youngest dog at the Championships. She had some brilliant moments. So proud of how she handled what was really her first real trial environment.


Katie moves up to Advanced Gambler after placing 1st in both of her Starter Gambler runs and taking a Q in both at Outback Agility's Gambler Trial on Sunday, August 8th. This was only her 2nd trial. 

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Maggie's News

Maggie placed 2nd at the 2021 Ontario Regional Championships. So proud of my girl. She was fast and accurate all weekend. You would never know she was 12.5 years old!


Sadly Maggie fell off the dog walk while competing this fall. Her eyesight is getting worse, and she really can't hear much anymore. I will gently retire her. She will run jumpers and still play in  Gamble (she loves it), but no more contacts for my baby. She still loves to train, even if she takes her own courses. 


Club News

While we are closed over the winter, I am preparing some exciting classes for the spring. Hoping for an early one!