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Stay tuned in to see what's happening with trials, lessons and my fur kids

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Kate's News


Kate and I are gelling as a team. At the end of 2023 we had 7 titles and 51 Qs. 

We are working hard to prepare for the 2024 season. Our plan is to attend the Ontario Championships in June in the hope of qualifying for the 2024 National Championships in Maxville in August. 

Last year, we were unable to attend the Ontario Championships and had to do the Prequalifying runs to qualify for Nationals. Kate was brilliant, running 6 runs in 3 hours (the same number of runs that are run over 3 days at the regional Championships.) We had some brilliant moments at Nationals. We only had 5 faults in 4 of our runs. Definitely a huge achievement for a 3 year old dog. 


Club News

This year is shaping up to be very exciting and busy, with classes, training and competing. New agility equipment is on order including a new Wall Jump. We are upgrading the main big field with new puppy proofed fencing. 

A number of our Club Members will be competing at K9 Kup this year!

We will be adding workshops and some fun matches! 

Keep checking back to see what's new. Fingers crossed spring comes early and we can all get outside to play with our BFFs.

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