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Stay tuned in to see what's happening with trials, lessons and my fur kids

Kate weaves_edited.jpg

Kate's News

Kate and I are really jelling. She still has issues with her contacts in competition, but otherwise she is spot on. No matter how hard the challenge she watches my cues attentively and gives it her all. She is blazingly fast and loves every second we play together. 

She currently has her Starter Games Dog Canada title, is competing in  Advanced Snooker, Master Jumper and Master Gamble.

Such a fun partner!

Maggie Teeter_edited.jpg

Maggie's News

Maggie is officially retired at the age of 13. It is now time for her to be completely pampered and for her to sleep and relax. Maggie was such a fierce competitor. We were one heck of a team. I love her to bits!


Club News

Spring seems to be on the horizon. I am currently preparing my class schedule for the summer and fall. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Here's to the sun shining and melting all of this snow!

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