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My philosophy is Two Hearts One Team. I've been competing in dog agility for more than 10 years. I've competed at the Canadian Championships with all three of my dogs and placed on the podium 3 out of 3 times with Maggie. As a former international dressage trainer and rider, I know what it takes to create a connection with your animal partner. Working with my agility dogs has also taught me how to have fun and laugh at myself. Nothing gives me greater joy than watching my students create that special bond with their canine partners!

My philosophy


Hi, My name is Rosemary Pitfield, I am a former international level dressage coach and trainer who has now gone to the dogs. I have been training and competing in agility for more than 10 years. I have had the pleasure of competing with three great shelties, Bear, Maggie and Kate.

I started agility when I had to quit riding and training as a result of significant arthritis in my knees, back and neck. I can tell you, agility is an awesome sport and a great way to play with your fur kids. Whether you are competitive or just want to have fun, there is something for everyone.


After competing for a few years with my oversize sheltie Bear, who received his Agility Trial Canadian Champion title. I started to bring on and compete with my young female sheltie, Maggie. Unfortunately, I learned quickly that my competitive nature was too much for Maggie to cope with. She started competing at 18 months old and after 3 trials had amassed 21 Qs (Qualifying scores), and 5 titles, her Starter Gamble Dog of Canada, her Starter Standard Dog of Canada, her Starter Jumper dog of Canada, her Advanced Gamble Dog of Canada. She was sitting with enough qualifying scores in Advanced Standard, Advanced Jumper, and Starter Snooker that she only needed one more in each to achieve all three titles. That's when she shut down completely. She wanted nothing to do with the competition ring. But she was thrilled to train at home. It took more than 4 years (2015) to bring her back, and only with the help and support of Canadian World Champion Agility dog trainer Jess Martin.


Maggie went on to qualify for the 2016 AAC National Championships 11 months after going back into the competition ring, she also made it to the podium placing 4th with 562 points. From there we never looked back, Maggie went on to qualify every year after that for Nationals and compete at  3 of the 4 she qualified for, placing 4th in 2016, 4th 2018 and 6th (at the age of 10) in 2019.  Sadly Maggie passed away in 2023 at the age of 14 and a half. I miss her every day.


I am now competing with Beckon Me Now Kateland, running as Kate. She is a smaller sheltie from Chicago. She is incredibly fast and furious. In 2023 she competed at the Canadian National Championships at the age of 3,  placing 6th in a Standard run, and 9th in a Gamble run. She recently competed at the 2024 Ontario Regional Agility Championships placing 10th overall with an individual 1st place in the Gamble 2, and 6th place in the Standard 1. 

Joining Kate is a new tri-colour Smooth Coated Collie puppy from Michigan, Brunhilde (Hilde). Currently 6 months old (Feb 2024) and standing 18.5 inches. Hilde will hopefully become an agility partner for me in the future. She will also train in Scent and Obedience. She has a lovely temperament and is very biddable. 

Rickfield Farm is our small farm south of Ottawa where we train and play with our fur kids. My husband, Rick Zmich, a former professional university football coach, helps look after the farm and provides coaching insights.




2009 - 2023


Qualifying runs (Qs)


Canadian National Championships


on the podium all 3 times

4th, 4th and 6th


Titles earned between 2011- 2021


Ontario Regional Championship appearances -


2nd, 4th, 4th, 2nd and 10th

Qualifed Nationals every year


Kate out of the tunnel_edited_edited.jpg


Qualifying runs (Qs)


Canadian National Championships


2023 6th Standard (Individual)

2023 9th Gamble (Individual)


Titles earned between 2021- 2024


Ontario Regional Championship appearances -



10th Overall

Qualified for Nationals

2024 - 1st Gamble

2024 - 6th Standard



Club Address

8658 Bank Street

Vernon, ON

K0A 3J0

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