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Fur kids

Maggie tire.JPG


Maggie is my superstar. We have been competing together since 2011. Unfortunately Maggie shut down after her 3rd trial - with 21 Qualifying runs. Four years later she started competing again and now has over 100 Qualifying runs. Maggie loves to gamble and continues to thrive at 12 years old (2021)

placing 2nd at the Ontario Regionals Championships

Love my Baby Girl

Kate Jumpers 4.JPG


Kate is an amazing little girl. She has the energy of a border collie. Incredibly high prey drive. The only dog I've owned who would prefer to tug and play than take a treat. Katie competed in her first trial on March 12, 2021 at the age of 18 months. She placed 1st in Starter Jumper and was the only dog to Q at all levels - blazing time of 24.5 sec.

Kate went on to compete at Ontario Regional Championships in 2021, placing 7th.


22/10/2013 - 2021

Bazyl is a beautiful big smooth collie. He is a fabulous agility dog and incredible at herding. Unfortunately Bazyl has a cyst at the base of his brain and can no longer compete in agility or herd sheep. The stimulation brings on his seizures. 

Sadly Bazyl passed away on July 13th of a ruptured tumour. We had no idea he had a tumour. He was happy, playful and healthy until the very end. 

And now Duke, Bazyl, Maggie, Rick and I


Duke is a beautiful rough coat collie. He is a rescue and Bazyl's therapy companion. Always willing to cuddle and play, Duke is a gentle giant. He has not interest in agility, but will play fetch for hours with me.

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